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Music is the main part of any life. Why?

Music accompanies us everywhere. During physical training, we listen to her to run faster, harder and longer, or to distract from life's problems. When planning a romantic dinner, we also select our favorite tracks, this time in order to create a romantic atmosphere. We love to listen to music on the way to work, while walking, relaxing on the beach, working or studying. We are constantly looking for technological solutions that will facilitate and improve our sound quality. Why does music always play such a big role in our lives? Scientists have been monitoring brain reactions for decades to find out.

Relatively recently, a group of scientists published the results of regular studies, from which it can be concluded that in a situation where completely different people hear classical works for the first time, some parts of the brain react the same way.

Based on this study and many others, the following conclusions can be drawn: our brain responds to music, like sex or food. When we listen to our favorite songs, we begin to produce dopamine.

Scientists claim that on the basis of these reactions, after the first listening to the composition, you can find out if the person liked the music.

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The influence of music on youth

When a person listens to music, his body does a lot more than just perceives and processes sounds of a different nature. Studies have proven that for many it helps to endure pain, improves mental state, relax, concentrate. Especially active music affects children and youth. It affects all types of personality development:

  • social
  • intellectual
  • personal.

Everyone knows that teens often choose their friends based on the coincidence of their musical preferences. Any parents will tell how young children, who still cannot walk well, begin to move rhythmically at the sounds of any melody. Music reduces stress and improves the functioning of the immune system (already scientifically proven). Scientists noted a decrease in cortisol and an increase in the number of antibodies responsible for the functioning of the immune system after only 50 minutes of listening to fun dance compositions. And also, people who constantly listen to music have the most stress-resistant psyche.

The benefits and harms of music in people's lives

If you think about it, what does music give us? On the one hand, music is simply a combination of various sounds, which in essence simply can not give anything. But actually, it is not so at all. After all, it’s not in vain that ardent fans are ready to shell out a lot of money for tickets of their favorite band or artist ...

Listening to music, we enjoy. It makes us think about something, allows us to relax or dream. She gives a great many feelings. Music takes us to some mysterious world where we can do everything.

But sometimes music can harm a person. For example, it all depends on the direction in the music to which you prefer. There is music in which they often sing about bad deeds, they rise and romanticize in these songs so much that some might want to stay in the place of the performer of this composition. Therefore, you need to approach the choice of music responsibly, because not only you are listening to it, but also those who surround you, for example, your children. Think about what thoughts you put into their little heads with music.

Why is it important to acquaint a person with beautiful music?

Music is air. Music is what many of us live. If you want everything to be good, then you need to listen to music. It relaxes, makes the body relax, and not only the body, but also the soul. Music can affect your mood, so it is very important to listen to only the music that will compose your soul.

It is no coincidence that from the first minutes of life a child sings lullabies, tender, melodic, soothing, in which good always conquers evil. Or include classic works to improve sleep and peace of mind.

 Bringing up a good song, talented music is one of the methods of pedagogy. In music lessons, students learn to understand music, listen to it, distinguish real works of art from what is now fashionable. Music fosters a love of beauty, makes the soul of a child cleaner, brighter, kinder.

Thus, music plays a very important and significant role in human life.


Some interesting facts

Music helps improve memory. Listening to tracks helps to remember information, especially if the listener associates it with some kind of melody. The part of the brain that processes music is located next to the areas responsible for memory, so that music can facilitate the process of memorization.

Music is great for accompanying training; it motivates athletes and helps to recover faster.

Listening to your favorite songs, we become a little happier, because after 10 minutes of listening to music in the brain, dopamine begins to be intensively produced, causing a state of satisfaction.

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