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Top 10 most unusual musical instruments

The musical world is not limited in guitars and pianos, someone can create something very masterly out of them, you can check it yourself by going to the site with royalty free music. During the long history of music, people have been constantly trying to invent something new. Sometimes they get really interesting and unusual items.

Many of us  have heard this musical instrument without knowing it, for example, in old horror films.

Termenvox was invented by the Russian scientist Leo Termenvox in 1928. It does a rather unusual, even a bit creepy vibrating sound, which many underground musicians adore. However, it was the sound of the instrument that prevented it from gaining wide popularity. The game of Termenvox consists of changing the distance from the instrument's hands to the antennas by the musician, which changes the height of the sound.


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Despite the fact that both banjo and ukulele quickly found an army of numerous fans, a hybrid of these two instruments, banjolele never was popular. In fact, it is a very small banjo, with only four strings instead of five. The instrument makes a pleasant soothing sound, but it is quite problematic for people with big hands to play it. Maybe this was the reason for its unpopularity, or maybe because of the inaudible name, banjolele has remained a niche instrument.


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Omnicord is an electronic musical instrument, which was presented by Suzuki in 1981. Its sounds are created by pressing the appropriate chord button and hitting a special metal plate. Being incredibly easy to use, Omnicord had every chance to become popular, especially among beginning musicians. But it never did. The famous melody from the song Clint Eastwood of the British band Gorillaz is probably the most famous work which was created on this unusual musical instrument.

Baritone guitar

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Both bass and regular guitar are some of the most popular instruments in the world. However, as in the case of banjolele, their hybrid, despite their deep and rich sound, has not found a particular popularity. Due to their design, such guitars sound much lower than usual. Nowadays they are sometimes used in recording studios to give the main guitar part a richer shade.


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Despite the inaudible name, the sounds of this instrument are very pleasant. It looks most like a metal hand drum. It consists of two bowls, one of which there is a drum "tongue" and on the other there is a resonant hole. Each bowl can be fine-tuned. The sound of this instrument is so interesting that many people make different post-processing variations and put them for a musical atmosphere in games.

The instrument has found some popularity among street musicians, but it still cannot be called widely used. 


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In the 80's, on a wave of the popularity of pop music, this instrument almost entered the mainstream. Almost, but not...

In fact, it is an ordinary synthesizer enclosed in a plastic guitar case. Like on previous hybrids, it is played mostly only as needed. One of its main advantages is compactness.

Few people know that Matthew Bellamy, the leader of the popular British band Muse, regularly uses the keyboard in his performances.

Evi wind synthesizer

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"Evi" is the most popular wind synthesizer, but still unknown to a huge number of music fans. It is a mixture of saxophone and synthesizer. The principle of playing on it is almost the same as on sax. However, the "synthesizer past" of the instrument makes it possible to connect it to a computer.


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The most mysterious tool in our selection is electronium. It was invented by the inventor Raymond Scott. Little is known about it, except that it is a huge prototype of a modern synthesizer. The only remaining electronium belongs to composer Mark Maserbo, and that no one works now.

Music Saw

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This musical instrument differs from an ordinary one of its kind only in that it can be strongly bent. During the game, the musician presses one end of the musical instrument to his thigh, and holds the other end with his hand. The sound is produced with a special bow. It should be said that this unusual sound can be heard in the compositions of some folk groups. However, outside the genre of ethnic music, it did not become widespread.

Les Ondes Martenot

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Perhaps it is the most unusual tool in our selection. It was invented by Maurice Martineau in 1928. The sound of the instrument simultaneously resembles a violin and a termenvox. The design of the French invention is quite complicated: when playing, a musician must simultaneously press the keys and pull a special ring. By the way, Johnny Greenwood, a member of Radiohead band, used "Martino Waves" when recording several songs, giving them a unique sound.

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